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Shestel Launches Podcast “Thoughts From The Couch” to Connect with Audience

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Shestel is a revolutionary social networking platform that combines technology with genuine human connection. With a focus on movies, books, music, and more, Shestel offers a personalized experience for users to deepen their entertainment journey.

Shestel, the innovative social networking platform that is reshaping the landscape of social connection, understands the importance of constant engagement and clear messaging. To foster a deeper connection with its audience, Shestel is excited to announce the launch of its podcast series, “Thoughts From The Couch.”

Hosted by Shestel’s Founder and CEO, Doloreste Jean Baptiste, along with the brilliant Podcaster Enthusiast, Maanav Vasant from India, “Thoughts From The Couch” provides a unique opportunity for listeners to engage with Shestel’s vision and join the conversation on movies, books, music, and more.

The podcast airs every Sunday at 11 am EST or 9:30 PM IST, offering a relaxed and cozy atmosphere for listeners to tune in and explore diverse topics. Maanav Vasant, who thoroughly enjoyed his first podcast experience with Doloreste, highlights the laid-back structure that allows for genuine and meaningful discussions.

“Thoughts From The Couch” can be accessed on all major podcast platforms, ensuring easy availability for all podcast enthusiasts. Listeners can subscribe, follow, and stay updated on upcoming podcast events by visiting the following link:

Doloreste Jean Baptiste, the Founder of Shestel, invites movie lovers, book readers, and music enthusiasts to join the podcast and be part of the ongoing conversation. As the podcast evolves, exciting contests and engaging games will be introduced, fostering an interactive and entertaining experience for the audience.

Stay connected with Shestel on Podbean and be part of the adventure. Together, let’s reshape the way we connect and experience social media. You can download the app by visiting the website or through Apple store and Google Play.

Doloreste Jean Baptiste

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