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Warner Bros. Max Ties Best Week With Top Streamed Movies.

Warner Bros. Max is Making Waves.

Redefining Streaming Success with Blockbuster Hits.

Warner Bros. Max streaming service is making waves in the world of online entertainment, with a stellar performance over the past weekend. The service was responsible for three of the top ten most-streamed movies, demonstrating its growing popularity amongst movie enthusiasts. This successful run matches its best performance of the quarter, indicating a strong upward trend.

The horror movie directed by Lee Cronin, which grossed almost $150 million at the box office earlier this year, was a significant contributor to the service’s success. The film’s impressive theatrical earnings set the stage for a robust reception on the streaming platform. This successful run on Warner Bros. Max marked a triumphant end to the second quarter for the service.

The streaming debut of “Evil Dead Rise” played a significant role in propelling Warner Bros. Max into second place on Whip Media’s latest movie ranker. This ranking system is based on viewer data from TV Time, a tracking app with over 26 million registered users worldwide. The success of “Evil Dead Rise” came at a critical time, given the stiff competition that Warner Bros. Max faces from other streaming services.

When comparing the frequency with which each streaming service had a title featured in Whip Media’s weekly top 10 during the second quarter, Netflix was the clear leader with 37 appearances between April and June. Disney followed with 25 titles making the ranker during the same period. The competition was fierce, with Peacock (15 appearances) narrowly surpassing the network (13 appearances) and Paramount+ (12 appearances). Apple TV+ also made a notable showing this spring, appearing nine times on Whip Media’s ranker, though it failed to secure a top 10 spot in June.

Over the past weekend, Max continued to ride the wave of success with “Avatar: The Way of Water,” a James Cameron masterpiece it creates and shares with Disney+. The sequel to “Avatar” was the third most-streamed movie last weekend. The service also reaped benefits from another sequel, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” which secured the sixth spot on Whip Media’s ranker.

“Extraction 2” maintained its position as the most streamed movie in the U.S. for the second consecutive weekend, keeping Netflix at the top of Whip Media’s movie ranker. The original “Extraction” movie also made a strong showing, landing in seventh place.

Apart from “Evil Dead Rise,” the only other new entry to Whip Media’s ranker this week was Netflix’s “Take Care of Maya.” This gripping documentary tells the harrowing story of a young girl removed from her parents after her mother was accused of inventing medical issues. It was the eighth most-streamed movie in the U.S. last weekend.

The latest movie news highlights Max’s impressive performance and its potential to become a significant player to join the streaming services industry. With trending movies like “Evil Dead Rise” and “Avatar: The Way of Water,” it provides an engaging platform for movie lovers to watch online video content.

Sean Burch, a marketing insights analyst at Whip Media and a WrapPRO partner, provides more insights into these trends. For more information about Whip Media’s rankings and insights, click here.

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